About Haiti Best Foods

Haiti Best Foods is an online food ordering service.
We make it easy for customers to buy Haitian Food Products
for their families in Haiti.

We also support businesses in Haiti
that are looking for a convenient way to place orders for their
restaurants, hotels, and other establishments.

Haiti Best Foods is a joint venture
of the 11th Department and America Continental

We have a simple mission:
To grow the agricultural sector in Haiti to benefit farmers and the Haitian economy.

11th Department (USA)

11thdepartment.com is a professional platform for Haitian professionals, Friends of Haiti, international organizations, and government to connect, share, and act on Haiti-related issues. It serves as a central resource on Haiti and a place for knowledge-sharing. Our interests are centered around the advancement of Haiti and of the Haitian People through partnerships, collaboration, and the support of social programs. Learn more about the 11thdepartment.com by joining us and connect with professionals like yourself.

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America Continental (Haiti)

America Continental partners with vulnerable groups and works together with them to help them realize their social and political rights, which include the right to food, health, and education. America Continental allows the population to act as a collective unit to address social ills such as poverty, food shortages, social exclusion, gender inequality, and rural exodus.

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